Navarro´s UT99 Forever Server

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Download Game UT99 GOTY 469d RC2 for gaming PCS HD/4K textures, MULTI5 (Change Spanish to your languaje in advanced options) 2 mirrors:

Download Game UT99 GOTY 469d RC2 for standard PCS, OLD Textures, S3TC enable, MULTI5 (Change Spanish to your languaje in advanced options)::.

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Open (Multiplayer/Open Location), or find in UT99 Internet Server Brownser  "Black & Decker Navarro´s UT99 Forever Server" 


The Black&Decker® Server

This page and game as served in this mutation, builded inside used toolbox.

Closed machine, with cooling grid on the lid. Connected 500GB backup disk usb 3.0.
Details of the gigabit network socket and other connectors.

Inside it an old laptop board, which had a broken screen and battery, Acer e5 522, AMD Series A A4-7210, 4 cores from 1.8 to 2.2 Ghz in turbo mode, 8GB DDR3 and 120GB Kingston SSD, bye, bye RaspberryPi. The relay is to solve the problem that the laptop board, does not have the function "Power on after power loss" in bios, relay is powered by USB, so that when the power is cut, it closes the circuit of the two power button pins, and server boot again.

The operating system is Ubuntu Server x64 of course.

It is next to a fiber router with 1GB internet connection.
It does its job, some power, without making any noise, and a very low consumption.